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Life Coaching | Image Consulting | Personal - Business Branding

Plan Your Evolution

Plan Your Evolution


We Develop & Promote the most remarkably

brilliant, uniquely exotic, highly effective resource the World has ever known.


You & Us

Hugh Mann Development

Coaches you to set S.M.A.R.T. Goals to Develop Successful Habits,

Teach You How to Acquire A Wardrobe that Fits Your Lifestyle &

Help You Build Confidence to Overcome Insecurity &

Social Awkwardness.

Our Approach

Hugh Mann Development

sees you from 3 Vantage Points.

  1. The way you feel & think about yourself.

  2. The way you see yourself.

  3. What you show the world.


If you are completely comfortable with your life from these 3 vantage points, then Great.


But, if you aren't. Then we offer 3 steps to identify your opportunities so you can start to take action.

Hugh Mann Development

3 Vantage Points 

3 steps

3 Steps to get started

3 Steps to get started

Step 1: Complete Free Coachability Quiz

Step 2: Complete Free Needs Assessment

Step 3: Schedule a Personal Consultation

After the consultation, if you need additional support we offer 3 Strategies.

3 Strategies

Grand Central Station Clock Close Up | Hugh Mann Development

We help you compartmentalize your time, organize it & target goals to achieve within a manageable schedule.

suits hanging in Wardrobe | Hugh Mann Development

We help you determine what to buy, show you how to wear it, so you always look great even when we're not there.

Microphone | Speak to the world | Hugh Mann Development

We help you

create an online presence that gains attention, is visually appealing, and

delivers results 

Each focuses on one of the 3 Vantage Points.

Depending on your level of personal development,

Hugh Mann Development

will help you grow into your next stage.

3 rings.jpg

Life Coaching

Personal Branding

Image Consulting

Hugh Mann Development also offers Business Branding.

We understand Small Businesses, Freelancers, and Entrepreneurs are concerned about their

online presence.

You are constantly trying to attract more customers, hire great talent, and possibly impress new investors. 

We see your online presence from

3 Vantage Points.


  • People searching for Jobs.

  • People searching for a product or service.

  • People searching for an investment.

3 Vantage Points


Your Online Presence

Your Online Presence
Job Seekers
Shoot for Moon
DC5 13kb.jpg

Identify one opportunity

that you can take advantage of

to dramatically change

the trajectory of your life

& take action to do so. 

Are you satisfied with your life?

If you're like many,

Fear of not being good enough,

Insecurity with being in social situations, & Mismanagement of Time

are the Obstacles stopping you from living

the life you wish to live.

The Idea that you need a change before failure sets in is a daily reoccurrence.

Has the Feeling of Unsureness & not being able to identify a way forward become your

second nature?

Self Identify
Fade_black edited.jpg

How great can your life be?

How great can your life be?

Imaging your Nirvana.

What would have to change about your life

for you to get there?

Can you reach it without a strategy?

A strategy is "a plan of action."

Change without a plan is chaos.

Our Strategies will empower your Personal Achievement & Professional Success by serving as structured activities aimed to accomplish

specific goals.

  • Improved Quality of Life & Happiness.

  • A smile built on confidence. 

  • The comfort of knowing you look your best.

  • Leaving an impression that is palpable even after you've left the room.

Change is inevitable.

A plan is necessary.

Be Willing to evolve into

the Best of who you are.

Hugh Mann Development

is here to help.

Our Approach
Personal Strategies
Business Strategies
Start Now

Evolved Attitude

is our apparel strategy.

We have hats, t-shirts, hoodies, jackets & more.

Clothing is more than just something to wear,

it is a representation of you.

Show the world what you think & feel.

Check out our collections.

Evolved Attitude

1440_960 evolve attitude 35kb.jpg

Evolved Socially

is a strategy we implement on social media to generate new concepts in evolutionary fitness.

We are actively using 4 different platforms.

Each one is unique in the way it allows us to connect with you.

Hugh Mann Development believes that

Self-Worth, Community, and Communication are paramount to a better future.

Sharing ideas, thoughts, and strategies will allow us to solve problems that will benefit us all.

Join, Share, Follow

Evolved Socially

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  • Facebook | @hughmanndevelopment1
  • Instagram | Hugh Mann Development
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How do you plan to change the world?

How do you plan to change the world?

Social Media
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Not sure yet?

Check out our other strategies for

helping you accomplish your goals.

Evolved Opinion

is our blog strategy.

Come read thoughts & ideas about

personal development &

the coaching, consulting & branding industries.

This is my featured blog here but visit my web page for many more.

Evolved Opinion

Using your Website, Social Media, &

Online Directories we help people find, trust, & understand your business and its purpose.

Don't give yourself any reason on your last day to look back with regret.

Complete your first step.

Commit to your Life.

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