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Hugh Mann Development (pronounced Human Development) is a Coaching, Consulting, and Branding company that specializes in Life Coaching, Image Consulting, and Personal - Business Branding in order to help our clients feel good about themselves, the way that they look, and the way the world sees them.

Everyone has a vision of the perfect life. Our goal is to provide strategies, solutions, and training that make them a reality. Here at Hugh Mann Development, we tailor training in key areas, providing coaching and mentorship in order to create stewards of communities. We believe building confidence and emotional security will give a different view of the world and in turn, the world will view us differently.

Hugh Mann Development is also concentrated on happiness and well-being on a global scale.

By individuals demonstrating successful habits and contributing to the behaviors of an inclusive society, together we can construct communities that uplift humankind and paves a new path forward. We are committed to providing better solutions for the future of all human life, aspirations, and goals. In short, we will do more than help individuals, we will reshape our civilization.

Hugh Mann Development utilizes the theory on Human Development (Economics) to create a focus for our training and coaching strategies. These theories are part of the foundation and structure for improving the well-being of our clients and effecting the humanity of the world. This concept was first laid out by Mahbub ul Haq, an economist, game, and global development theorist then developed by Amartya Sen, a Harvard University Nobel Prize-winning Professor of Economics. Human Development (Economics) is an esoteric, holistic approach to life, happiness, and personal well-being. It focuses on how to improve the lives people lead rather than just assuming the growth of an economy will provide greater fortune for everyone.

The United Nations Development Programme has defined Human Development as “the process of enlarging people’s choices”, said choices allowing them to “lead a long and healthy life, to be educated, to enjoy a decent standard of living”, as well as “political freedom, other guaranteed human rights and various ingredients of self-respect”. Human development shares a prevailing view of human rights. The goal of human rights is human freedom. Therefore, human development is synonymous with human rights and human freedom.

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The dimensions of Human Development are summed in 2 focuses,

A. Directly enhancing human abilities

B. Creating conditions for human development

These further divide into 7 foundations.

  1. Long and healthy life

  2. Education

  3. A decent standard of living

  4. Participation in political and community life

  5. Environmental Sustainability

  6. Human security and rights

  7. Promoting equality and social justice

These 7 foundations make way for the 6 pillars of Human Development.

1. Equity is the idea of fairness for every person, between men and women; we each have the right to an education and healthcare.

2. Sustainability is the view that we all have the right to earn a living that can sustain our lives and have access to a more even distribution of goods.

3. Productivity states the full participation of people in the process of income generation. This also means that the government needs more efficient social programs for its people.

4. Empowerment is the freedom of the people to influence the development and decisions that affect their lives.

5. Cooperation stipulates participation and belonging to communities and groups as a means of mutual enrichment and a source of social meaning.

6. Security offers people development opportunities freely and safely with confidence that they will not disappear suddenly in the future.

Enhancing human abilities under this concept generates a focus on achieving a long healthy life, the attainment of knowledge, and reaching a decent standard of living through work. When all of these areas are measured against one another it becomes an indicator of our Quality of Life (QoL). This measurement is the general well-being of individuals, societies, and the goal of achieving the highest possible level of happiness on earth.

The U.N. called the first Human Development Report, a new approach for advancing human flourishing. It introduced the Human Development Index (HDI) as a measure of achievement in the basic dimensions of human development across countries.

A High Quality of Life is the aspiration of everyone alive. Having the necessary opportunities available and being able to act on them is a key component to making this possible.

Hugh Mann Development believes the report was just the first step in a long journey, the commitment of fulfillment is left up to all of us.

Hugh Mann Development wants to bridge the gap and make the human experience more desirable to those that haven’t had the capabilities or resourcefulness to attain their vision of the perfect life on their own.

Hugh Mann Development offers mentorship. This is the one pillar that is missing from the pillars of Human Development. We can only cooperate if we have something to contribute but what if we don't. There needs to be someone willing to mentor us until we attain the capabilities. 

Hugh Mann Development uses Life Coaching, Image Consulting, and Personal - Business Branding to assist in moving past any insecurities stopping you from developing the capabilities you are missing. To help get us to a place where together we can look back and be proud of how we got here and also of the future that lay in front of us.

Hugh Mann Development wants to expand the abundance of being alive by improving the lives people lead. Our strategies are designed to uncover innate personal value by providing a guide to freedom within the myriad choices and decisions available. We work with our clients to develop strategies to enhance their abilities and prepare them to identify the opportunities to use them. Hugh Mann Development envisions a perfect life where everyone has the capabilities of greatness and we help build the plan to get them there.

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​“Human development, as an approach, is concerned with what I take to be the basic development idea: namely, advancing the richness of human life, rather than the richness of the economy in which human beings live, which is only a part of it.” — Amartya Sen, Professor of Economics, Harvard University Nobel Laureate in Economics, 1998

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