• Levern Darrell Scippio

Image Consulting | The Art of Teaching Soft Skills

Normally, I would start by defining what an image consultant is, but because there are so many terms that have become entangled with 'Image Consulting' I will address this question in a later segment. First, let us start with a different question.

A man walked into a bar that he has never been to before. Immediately, he sees three attractive women that he would like to meet. Each one is in different areas of the room. Typically, he is shy in these situations, but tonight, he is feeling a bit randy. As he starts his approach, he notices how well the young ladies are dressed. He looks down at his choice of outfit and begins to feel insecure. His mind starts to wander and think about all of the things that the young ladies may not like. Still unsure and somewhat unconfident, he decides to make a go of it. Who should he have talked to first?

Pickup Artist (PUA) | Mystery of The Game

At this point, you may be thinking that this article is about picking up women you meet in a bar. I assure you that it is not. It is about attraction and how an Image Consultant can help you develop it. So, what does a Pickup Artist have in common with an Image Consultant, you may ask? I will be happy to explain.

August 6, 2007, VH1 released a dating themed reality television contest named The Pickup Artist. The show by hosted by a Pickup Artist who calls himself Mystery (Real name: Erik von Markovik). At first glance, the concept seemed like a sleazy process for teaching socially awkward men to become the ultimate Pickup Artist, but interestingly enough, that was very far from the truth. Actually, Mystery was tutoring these guys to feel comfortable in their own skin. During the eight episodes, the contestants learned about body language, storytelling, wardrobe selection, grooming, hygiene, and self-confidence. The finale was, of course, seeing who can get a beautiful girl to go out with them by using all that they learned from their lessons.